Redlands Memorial Hall, Smith St, Cleveland.

Session Times

Session Times Monday Wednesday Friday
10.15am - 11.15am  

Fundamental Drum for Life


11.30am - 1.00pm


Drum for Life 

1.00pm - 2.30pm   Sing for Life  





Drum for Life - $15

Sing for Life - $15

Programs open to Men & Women

Payment is by cash only on arrival for each session.  If you feel that our program is not for you, we will happily refund your registration fee after your first session on that day.

PLEASE NOTE: A $3 Discount is provided for a third program attended in one week and a $3
discount for 4th and subsequent programs attended……this covers all Here’s to Life Programs.

(eg. 1st program $15, 2nd - $15, 3rd - $12, 4th - $9, 5th - $9)

Sing For Life

singforlifeSinging, like dance, has been central to the Health and Wellbeing of healthy, happy communities since time immemorial.  There are numerous studies confirming the many benefits of singing (group singing in particular) but did you know that….

“Singing is a gymnasium for the body and soul.  Singing works deeply into our physiology:  deepening breath and heart rate, altering brain wave patterns and strengthening the immune system.  It also releases endorphins, the body’s pleasure hormones into the brain and body.  Singing also exercises all the muscles in the head and neck.  Singing can also help build a person’s confidence and self-esteem and can increase their capacity for self expression”.

“Singing is linked to lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure and reduced stress and sees to block a lot of the neural pathways that pain travels through”.

No-one has to be able to sing like a nightingale to get tremendous pleasure from singing.  Just go for it…and forget the neighbours!

At our unique Sing for Life program:

  • No previous singing experience is necessary.
  • Our professionally qualified and very experienced, great fun instructors will help you achieve maximum pleasure and benefit from all aspects of the program.
  • You will discover (or rediscover) the sheer joy and rewards of being part of such an uplifting , very positive team environment.

By embracing the joy of singing as an important part of everyday life, you will gain so much that is quite wonderful for your Health and Wellbeing.


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