Charity Variety Concert 23rd September, 2023

RPAC Concert Hall, 2PM Sat 23rd September 2023.

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All our programs including: Tap, Jazz, Singing, Dancercise, Drumming, Art Therapy and Buff Bones will return on the 18th January, 2023.

Extremely exciting news for People Living with a Disability about the Interactive Programs run by Here’s to Life.

All programs will recommence on Monday 13th July.  YES….we’re BACK

Here’s to Life is a most unique organisation in that it caters to both able-bodied people of the Redlands community, and also those people in the community who live with a disability.  And there is no restriction on what that disability might be: intellectual and/or physical.  

Dancercise has been uniquely designed and developed as a health and wellbeing program encouraging movement, exercise and musicality.  Even those who are confined to a wheelchair are able to participate!  We have found over time – we’re talking 10 plus successful years here – that the carers and volunteers have as much fun as the participants, and thrive on the joy that the program brings to all.

Rebecca is Zoe’s carer and has this to say….I attend Here's to Life classes with Zoe, who participates weekly in the special needs Dancercise and Drumming/Percussion classes. 

Zoe has been attending Dancercise for nearly 2 years and it is one of the most valuable resources in her life, both as a form of exercise and a social activity. Her strength and gross motor skills have improved tremendously over the time, as have her ability to follow instructions, work in a group, and focus her attention.

When I first attended Dancercise with Zoe, she had great difficulty remaining attentive for more than a few minutes and struggled with coordinated movements. She is now able to remain engaged for the entire one hour period as well as recall and perform choreography. 

Zoe's success is due in no small part to the skills of Sue Harvey, who engineers a supportive and engaging learning environment for participants with a huge variety of needs and Kacey’s classes who gives Zoe a rare sense of autonomy and chance for independence & creative expression in the Art Therapy & Drumming Programs.

I have seen not only Zoe, but many other participants bloom in class, demonstrating before unseen confidence and joy. 

The Here's to Life program also provides Zoe with a vital social resource. Zoe is non-verbal and highly social; H2L allows her the rare opportunity to spend time with her peers (with and without disabilities) and provides her with a large number of people who are both equipped and willing to interact with her according to her abilities. She has formed many strong friendships there, some of whom she spends time with outside of H2L activities. Without the program, I don't believe Zoe would have enjoyed these sorts of relationships since leaving school. 

I couldn't possibly exaggerate the value of Here's to Life as part of Zoe's life and mine. Both of us have learnt an enormous amount there, have made lasting friendships, and have found community. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Sue and her tireless team of staff and volunteers and look forward to our return in July.  

Want to know more?  Call Sue on 3809 0239 or 0407 154 993 to find out how we can get your friend, family member, or group involved in all the fun.