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Charity Variety Concert 14th September, 2024

RPAC Concert Hall, Saturday 14th September 2024.

All our programs including: Tap, Jazz, Singing, Dancercise, Drumming, Art Therapy and Buff Bones are now back in swing.

Jon is a Brisbane born entertainer returning locally to a past endeavour, the Here’s to Life program. In his words: coming home to roost.

"Performance has been an integral constant in my life." States Jon Eggleton as he reflects back on his career.

Stemming from community pantomimes at age 5 and evolving into a 40 year journey, Jon has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry.  Performing professionally at shopping centres from the age of 10 years old.  

Jon says "Performing at Festival Hall in Brisbane at the age of 10 changed my life.".  As did appearing on a national TV show for 3 years in the eighties.

As versatile as they come, Jon has appeared in numerous television Commercials to Lyric Operas during the eighties and nineties….Now that’s versatile.

Locally he sang in a noted band called Runaway in the early 90's.  Moving on to a stint at Movieworld performing in the stunt shows and singing shows. Jon then joined 9pce show band in 1995 called Oz Hornz, performing internationally and Australia wide. The ever-popular Oz Hornz is still currently performing to this day.

The last couple of years has had him crewing on film sets and performing on Cruise ships. Being a true local, Jon has Performed at many Strawberry Festivals and the Redland Shows and more recently Redlands City Council Christmas Carols and Australia Day Events.

Jon is excited to be back in the Here’s to Life fold. He says "It changed my life the 1st time I was involved and I know it shall this time too".

Here’s to Life has a fantastic format in capitalising fun, fitness and enticing to all involved says Jon. It's perfect for those who strive for the desire to get more out of life. That's Here’s to Life in a nut shell.

Here’s to Life welcomes Jon and the energy and pizzazz he will bring to our amazing organization as our new Administrators Assistant.