Judith testimonial"What I like most about Here’s to Life – starting the day with laughter! It creates such a joyous feeling and is something we do so little of each day. I love the challenge of having to remember the dance routines and am so proud of myself when I do."
Judith, Thornlands, 40's, Here’s to Life regular - 15 years


Nilofer testimonial"Here’s to Life has filled a big gap in my life. Made me fitter, supple, energetic, happy, not to mention it has helped me confront my shyness and lack of confidence."
Nilofer, Alexandra Hills, 50's, Here’s to Life regular – 10 years +

Nancy testimonial"I love coming to the program because to me personally it’s a great stress release. The fitness side is always important for me. The fun and friendship from everyone is something special. I have met some wonderful people. The concerts have given me confidence I never knew I had. The whole atmosphere makes me feel happy and relaxed and I can actually be myself. It’s very uplifting."
Nancy, Mt Cotton, 60's, Here’s to Life regular – 10 years

irisportrait"I love every part of Here's to Life, the exercise, dance, singing, and the annual concert. The program has greatly improved my level of fitness, which is crucial as we get older, but more importantly, I've made so many new friends whom I'd probably never have met in other aspects of my life, including among those people who attend the Disabilities classes. I've been a helper for two years, and it's been a revelation to see the improvements these lovely people have made through attending Dancercise. Just to see the joy on their faces as they respond to the music and movement adds to my own enjoyment. The Here's to Life motto says it all – " Fun, Friendship, Fitness."
Iris, Victoria Point, 70’s, Here’s to Life regular – 8 years

Maureen testimonial"I’ve never had so much fun getting fit! I love joining in with like-minded women of my own age group in a non-competitive atmosphere, where nobody minds if you don’t get the steps right, or that you haven’t danced before! They’re such a friendly bunch and I enjoy coffee afterwards with new friends too. What a great way to start the rest of your day"
Maureen, Alexandra Hills, 50's, Here’s to Life regular – 7 years +

Carole testimonial"With a need to get out there and meet people and to try to improve fitness I found Here’s to Life a godsend. I now feel much better, my blood pressure has improved and I am more flexible – which I have never been before. The Here’s to Life team and all the participants make the morning exercise fun."
Carole, Birkdale, 60's, Here’s to Life regular – 10 years +

Barb testimonial"Attending Here’s to Life is the best thing I’ve ever done, I love it. Since coming to Here’s to Life I have not only returned to life, I feel a more whole, confident and proud person. I just love the support and friendship that everybody gives and what is more, I can tap and do jazz too!!"
Barbara, Thornlands, 60's, Here’s to Life regular – 7 years +

carmelportrait“Carrying some niggly old sporting injuries, I am thrilled that I found the Here’s to Life program.  I always look forward to starting my day with an early morning tap or jazz exercise class - which fits in well around my busy schedule.  I have met some wonderful ladies who share my enthusiasm, and each class is filled with contagious energy, smiles, and laughter.  I always leave the classes feeling invigorated, and have noticed definite improvements in my energy levels, strength and flexibility.”
Carmel, Alexandra Hills, 40’s, Here’s to Life regular - 3 years +