To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to inform you about the significant impact the dance and art activities have had on the overall development of our client. Our client loves to attend these classes as it allows her to meet new people and make friends as well as she enjoys doing activities in groups. The lessons have been beneficial to her due to the physical aspects allowing for her to do movements and exercises in a fun and enjoyable environment which continues to motivate our client to do and to be as active as possible. Furthermore, the activities engage her creative and artistic side which has been very beneficial and enjoyable for her as this is her only opportunity to do so. Her art and dance lessons are certainly a highlight of her week and she is so excited to attend and be part of the art and dance community.

Thank you, Yvonne Fouche Disability Support worker.


Just giving you feedback re the Art Therapy classes. Jean is absolutely loving the classes. Jean has autism and hasn’t been known to use her imagination much. It is so lovely to see her
Blossoming in the classes and thinking outside the box and producing art works of such worth and value. The Art Therapist, Casey, is the best one to date; who encourages clients and their support workers to indulge into their fantasies.

It would be a massive loss to us all if these classes were not to continue.

Christine Pilgrim

Testimonial disability services

I attend Here's to Life classes with Zoe, who participates weekly in the special needs Dancercise and Drama/Percussion classes. Zoe has been attending Dancercise for over a year and it is one of the most valuable resources in her life, both as a form of exercise and a social activity. Her strength and gross motor skills have improved tremendously over the past 12 months, as have her ability to follow instructions, work in a group, and focus her attention. When I first attended Dancercise with Zoe, she had great difficulty remaining attentive for more than a few minutes and struggled with coordinated movements. She is now able to remain engaged for the entire one hour period as well as recall and perform choreography.

Zoe's success is due in no small part to the skills of Sue Harvey, who engineers a supportive and engaging learning environment for participants with a huge variety of needs.

Zoe also attends the Percussion and Drama program regularly, which she finds very enjoyable and rewarding. Kacey's class design gives her a rare sense of autonomy and chance for independent, creative expression. I have seen not only Zoe, but many other participants bloom in class, demonstrating before unseen confidence and joy.

The Here's to Life program also provides Zoe with a vital social resource. Zoe is non-verbal and highly social; H2L allows her the rare opportunity to spend time with her peers (with and without disabilities) and provides her with a large number of people who are both equipped and willing to interact with her according to her abilities. She has formed many strong friendships there, some of whom she spends time with outside of H2L activities. Without the program, I don't believe Zoe would have enjoyed these sorts of relationships since leaving school.

I couldn't possibly exaggerate the value of Here's to Life as part of Zoe's life and mine. Both of us have learnt an enormous amount there, have made lasting friendships, and have found community. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Sue and her tireless team of staff and volunteers and I can only hope the program continues to flourish and expand in the years to come.

Rebecca Sutton

I would just like to thank you so much for the incredible programs that here’s to life run!

My client comes every Monday to dancercise, art therapy and drumming/drama!

It makes such an incredible difference in her life to be able to come and socialise and interact in such a welcoming environment with no judgement!
Dancercise is amazing and really is great exercise but FUN!!! Art therapy is also fantastic we love the fact that it changes every week and we get to take exciting new things home with us that we have made together! It’s a very relaxing environment!
My client absolutely loves drumming it’s definitely one of her favourites, getting to be so involved in the class and being the conductor is great, I love that the support workers are also so involved in all of the classes!

Thank you so much Sue for these amazing activities and bring the community together! It makes a huge difference!

Abbey Siddall

This art program has proven to be an invaluable tool for several of my clients. It gives them a means of expression. To tap in to their abilities that others do not see and allows them self direction in a world that is filled with other's directing their life. I have been astounded by what has come from my clients. Some of whom have never had or have access to such a program or materials.

Meg Mclean

Disability Workshop - Jan 2024

A huge thank you to the Redlands City Council Community Fund for their wonderful support and financial assistance.