Charity Variety Concert 6th March, 2021

RPAC Concert Hall.

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All our programs including: Tap, Jazz, Singing, Dancercise, Drumming, Art Therapy and Buff Bones will return on the 11th January, 2021.
Open Days are Monday 11th January & Wednesday 13th January, 2021.

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'Together in Concert' 2015 was a great success.  Rave reviews from all those who attended. Certainly an afternoon of fantastic family entertainment.  Comments received: "What an inspiring concert! ....You all look like you were having FUN!.... We enjoyed every minute of it.....The French scene was wonderful, you could have been in a cafe in Paris, just great."



Heres to Life Grilld


Heres to Life RehearsalRehearsals are in full swing for the Here's to Life performance team.  The girls are pictured here with Angela Schoemaker vocalist with the team.


Phone 07 3821 0907bennetts logo 


We would like to sincerely thank Bennetts Carpets for their continued support of Here's to Life.



Sincere thanks to Virginia and her team for their continued support of Here's to Life.

Cleveland medical centre team


Working Bee Our ladies have been extremely busy in preparation for the up and coming Variety Charity Concert.



Christmas is fast approaching, and with that comes a month of celebrating. No matter what your cultural background, food is likely to be a major feature at all events! The tips below are aimed at letting you rejoice in the spirit of Christmas, while keeping true to yourself. Christmas treats are important, denying yourself will only make you crave them more. Enjoy them when you eat them, however keep in mind the balance of treats and foods that truly nourish you.

Tip 1: Do as the kids do

  • This tip is really easy to do, just choose a smaller plate when preparing your lunch or dinner. With a smaller plate there is less room for food (don't keep filling up though), so you will think carefully about what you want on that plate.

  • A handy reminder of plate proportions, your dinner plate should be filled like this:
    • ½ of the plate should be made up of salad or non starchy vegetables 
    • ¼ of the plate should be carbohydrates such as rice/potato/corn or pasta
    • The remaining ¼ of the plate should be filled with lean protein such as beef/turkey/chicken/fish or a meat alternative such as beans or legumes. 


To the dancing ladies of the Redlands Hall,
It's bend and stretch, now on all fours, then crawl???
With Sue at the helm, we don't know just what's in store,
But never fear, you won't end up too sore!!!

Is it rock, ballet, wild west, or maybe swing,
Armed with bands, weights, mats, maracas, yes, covered nearly anything,
But wait, we have to count, 1,2, back, 3,4 kick, 5,6, now twirl,
Do we go left, right or forward, Oh bother, I'll just follow that girl.

Size doesn't matter, but jovial is great,
But you'll get a real raz if you happen to be late.
The coffee club is special where we take time to revive,
And chatter away before we take off and drive.

We love every minute of our Wednesday work out,
Friendship, fun and keeping active is what it's all about.
So thank you "Here's to Life" for such a brilliant programme,
I'm sure we are all glad to be here, I certainly know I am.

Merry Christmas to all.

Love Greeta

Our Special Needs Group enjoyed our Christmas Break Up Party.

Special needs xmas breakup party


Recent performance from Here’s to Life Ladies at the Goodna Jacaranda Festival (Quest for Talent) – winners of the Mature and Motivated section performing ‘Jailhouse Rock’.

Here's to Life recent winners at the Goodna Jacaranda FestivalWinners of the Mature & Motivated section at the Goodna Jacaranda Festival


Come visit us at the International Volunteer Day Expo – Friday 5th December 10:00am – 1:30pm at Redlands Performing Arts Centre (RPAC).

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